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September 2000

September 3 Marta flew over Africa at a speed of 250 to 300 kilometres per day. Having crossed Egypt (she spent the previous nights on the banks of the Nile in central Egypt and at the Aswan High Dam in southern Egypt), she stopped for a night's rest in northern Sudan.

Johana was still near the nest in Brdy.

September 4 After nine days in eastern France, Krystof set off again and flew almost 300 kilometres.

September 5 After two weeks, satellites once again found Zuzana, this time on the European side of Bosporus.

September 6 Johana was no longer to be found in Brdy - she probably set off for her journey.

Krystof was probably flying along the Pyrenees from west-north-west, trying to find a suitable way to cross the mountain.

September 7 Marta flew more than 200 kilometres over Sudan (in the previous two days, it was 270, 185 and 180 kilometres, respectively), and found herself south of Sahara in the evening. She flew along virtually the same route and at the same pace as white storks from Poland and Russia.

Krystof crossed the Pyrenees.

September 11 Krystof crossed the Gibraltar Straight from Europe to Africa. Marta, who having crossed Sahara wandered over Sudan, appeared as far as in Eritrea.

September 12 Marta returned from Eritrea to eastern Sudan. Satellites received signal from Zofie's transmitter. It seemed likely that Zofie died in the European part of Turkey.

Johana was localised at the border between Hungary and Romania. Krystof was over Morocco.

September 14 Krystof reached the Draa valley.

September 15 Johana was localised at the border between Romania and Serbia.

September 17 After two days of silence, the satellites received signal from Krystof's transmitter. Data from sensor suggested that Krystof is probably all right (data from the position sensor kept changing), but that there might be something wrong with the transmitter: the voltage was falling quickly.

September 20 Young crane Vaska, ringed and carrying a terrestrial transmitter, was spotted in the Ceska Lipa region.

September 21 Krystof's journey ended for us - the transmitter broke down.

September 23 We found the remains of Zofie under an electric pole near the village of Sinekli in the European part of Turkey. We found the remains of at least 13 other white storks along some two kilometres of the power line. 12 of them probably died during migration in 2000. The cause of their death was bad design of the electric poles, especially lattice poles with hanging isolators, where birds were killed by electric discharge upon descending on the wires.

September 26 Young Vaska was spotted at a crane gathering place at Grünhaus, near Lauchhammer.

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