HLAVNÍ STRÁNKA Odysea Kalendárium Příspěvek   
Český rozhlas
June 2001

June 11 Attempts to catch a male common crane in the Ceska Lipa region had been going on for a few days. Besides black and white storks, common crane was supposed to become another species included in the African Odyssey project.

June 22 Jaroslav Simek equipped an adult white stork with a transmitter in the village of Moteyki near Chernobyl in Ukraine. The stork got the name Dima. This was part of a joint Japanese-Ukrainian-Israeli-Czech project to monitor white storks from Ukraine. Besides obtaining new scientific facts, the project was intended to help children from Chernobyl. The main organiser, the Japanese humanitarian fund Chernobyl Children's Fund, sold the rights to film the observed storks to a certain TV station and wanted to use the money for the benefit of children from affected Chernobyl region.

June 25 Two young storks of unknown sex, Sasha and Tania, from the same nest in Ukraine were equipped with transmitters.

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