HLAVNÍ STRÁNKA Odysea Kalendárium Příspěvek   
Český rozhlas
August 2001

August 4 Ukrainian youngster Tania left the nest and headed south, its sibling Sasha was staying in the nest. They would fly south separately.

August 14 Ukrainian stork Dima had left for the south a few days before. His young had been on the way almost for two weeks. Sasha was in the Balkans, while Tania reached southern Turkey, near the border with Syria.

August 18 Despite numerous attempts using different methods, we were not able to catch Judita's partner. But we did catch several other white storks that either nested on the zoo premises or flew there to feed. So Judita was the only Czech white stork with a "backpack".

August 19 Dima reached Turkey and was heading for Israel at a fast pace.

August 24 Dima did not stop in Israel for a single day and continued quickly to the south, to Saudi Arabia. Neither did Sasha stop in Israel. His father "overtook" him a few days before in Turkey. The other youngster, Tania, was leading the way, having reached northern Sudan.

August 26 Dima crossed from Sinai to central Egypt but his transmitter went silent there.

August 27 Judita set off. She headed south-east, like Marta and Zofie the year before. In the evening, she was in south Moravia.

August 30 Judita quickly proceeded to the south-east, travelling some 400 kilometres per day. She spent this night at the river Danube near the border between Romania and Bulgaria.

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