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September 2001

September 4 Judita slowed down and had been resting south of the Stara Planina Mountains in Bulgaria for a few days. She proceeded much slower than Marta the previous year - she had reached Sudan by then.

September 6 Judita set off again and crossed Bosporus to Asia.

September 10 Youngsters Sasha and Tania were staying in Sudan. Sasha proceeded slowly in the south-eastern direction; Tania was in the same place, east of Sasha's location. Judita reached southern Turkey.

September 17 Crane Arnost started his journey. Although there were problems with his satellite transmitter, we could not localize his VHF transmitter in his favourite places either.

September 24 Judita crossed over to Africa. Arnost was localised t a crane gathering place in Brandenburg near Lauchhammer, i.e. at the same place where his young was spotted a year before. By the way, it was there again. Arnost's partner was probably there, too. However, she had neither a ring nor transmitter so she could not be identified.

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