HLAVNÍ STRÁNKA Odysea Kalendárium Příspěvek   
Český rozhlas
October 2001

October 5 Judita slowed down and slightly diverted from her southward direction. It looked as if she wanted to follow the south-eastern migration route leading to wintering grounds in central Africa.

October 7 Arnost was still in Brandenburg. A young crane that had been ringed in a nest near Doksy in spring that year was spotted there, too. According to local ornithologist Dr. Klaus Uhl, cranes stay there every year from September to November, sometimes in numbers exceeding one thousand.

October 19 After a week's rest, Judita continued her journey, heading south-west to the wintering grounds in central Africa.

October 30 Judita slowed down again and Argos localised her surprisingly to the north-west of her previous position.

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