HLAVNÍ STRÁNKA Odysea Kalendárium Příspěvek   
Český rozhlas
November 2001

November 5 After some wondering around, Judita returned to approximately the same place where she was at the end of October. Ukrainian stork Sasha left the area where he had been staying since the end of August and proceeded several hundred kilometres to the south-west.

November 7 Sasha continued in the south-western direction. It seemed most likely that it was bound for the central African wintering grounds. Judita was staying in the same place. The two storks got within visible distance of each other.

November 15 Arnost had left Brandenburg in the previous days and reached a gathering place in south-western France, near Arjuzanx. Besides Arnost, there were another twenty thousand cranes. Many of them spend the winter in the Arjuzanx region. Sasha changed direction surprisingly and flew east to the Ethiopian border.

November 23 Judita was flying around Sudanese Kurdufan, while Sasha proceeded to the east and then to the south to reach the border between Sudan and Kenya. Arnost was staying in Arjuzanx, together with another thirty thousand cranes.

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