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Český rozhlas
December 2001

December 11 Judita eventually left her wintering grounds in Kurdufan and followed Sasha to the east and then to the south-east to east Africa. Sasha was staying at the border between Sudan and Kenya.

December 15 Miroslav Bobek, Frantisek Pojer and Lubos Peske visited Arnost in his wintering grounds in south-western France. Although most of the other cranes had left, Arnost was staying there despite a freezing-cold weather. Some five thousand cranes were staying there with Arnost.

December 18 Sasha set off again, heading south and was localised in Uganda.

December 20 Sasha crossed the equator and continued further south.

December 22 Judita crossed the equator, too.

December 26 Ukrainian stork Sasha proceeded to the South, along the western slopes of Kilimanjaro all the way to central Tanzania. However, there it turned back and flew to Kenya, passing the highest African mountain on the eastern side.

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