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PBR 2016 - Foto: Jiří Šeda

PBR 2016Foto: Jiří Šeda

The Prix Bohemia Radio international festival of radio production is a traditional showcase produced and organised by Czech Radio. For the 33rd annual edition of the festival, the following competition categories have been announced: Drama, Documentary and Report.

The festival’s aim is to foster and promote the radio production of public service media in Central Europe, with a focus on the Visegrad Four (V4) countries. The purpose and mission of the Prix Bohemia Radio are twofold: to elevate the quality of radio production, and to present public service media in the V4 countries as producers and promoters of cultural values. The Festival Statutes can be downloaded here

International partners
For the upcoming annual Prix Bohemia Radio, Czech Radio has obtained a grant of EUR 25,000 from the International Visegrad Fund (IVF). 

IVF is a respected Bratislava-based international organisation established by the V4 countries in June 2000. The fund’s mission is to support cooperation within the Visegrad region in fields such as culture, science and research, youth exchange programmes, cross-border cooperation in various areas and, last but not least, tourism. 

Thanks to the support of IVF, the 33rd annual Prix Bohemia Radio will include a new international category – Report, which is open to entries from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary as well as from the countries of invited broadcasters. In organising the upcoming annual festival, Czech Radio will be able to rely on its partnership with public service broadcasters from the V4 countries, namely Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS), Polskie Radio and Hungarian MTVA, giving the festival an international dimension. 

For more information on the International Visegrad Fund please visit www.visegradfund.org 

Competition categories

Works in each competition category will be evaluated by a jury appointed for that category which will be composed of five jury members. Before the main competition, juries will pre-select the programmes (or reports) and decide which ones should proceed to the main competition. In the main competition, votes for the best programmes (or reports) will be cast through a secret ballot, after all entries have been heard. 

The jury will be expanded to include a students’ jury. This jury can grant Student Prizes for any entries (programmes or reports) regardless of whether they were included in the pre-selection by the expert jury or not. 

Report category jury members
Drama category jury members
Documentary category jury members 

Josef Podstata
Director of the festival

Hana Maciuchová
Honorary President of the festival 

Festival production

Prix Bohemia Radio festival
Czech Radio
Department of Communication and External Relations
Vinohradská 12
120 99 Praha 2 


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