A radio documentary made in the Czech Republic, with a maximum duration of 60 minutes, broadcast by a Czech broadcasting entity between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016.

The following prizes will be presented:
1st prize of Prix Bohemia Radio
2nd prize of Prix Bohemia Radio
3rd prize of Prix Bohemia Radio  

A total of 33 documentaries were submitted and an expert jury selected the following as finalists. 

1. Good Will – Come Again, it works!
Ivan Studený 

In the spring of last year a small group of adult women connected by a cruel life experience met around a microphone. The documentary delivers authentic testimonies from members of the exceptional self-help therapy group SASA, part of the world-wide Sexual Assault Survivors Anonymous movement. 


2. The Grand Plan
Brit Jensen 

Claire lives in Canada, is 87 years old and is looking for a partner. She writes a short article for a British newspaper about her loneliness and how hard it is for an elderly woman to find a partner, especially when hardly any men of similar age are still alive… 


3. Action Korea
Alex Švamberk 

Akce K is a creative documentary recalling a forgotten chapter in Czechoslovak history, when Czechoslovak soldiers were deployed as peacekeepers following the Korean War. 


4. Good Will – A Way Up from the Bottom, Story No.2 (Katka)
Veronika Korčáková 

Katka from Brno originally graduated from a management and law focused secondary school but the only work she has managed to find after a long search was as a night cleaner. This documentary captures Katka’s journey to professional and personal satisfaction, which she achieves despite the majority society’s prejudices towards the Roma. Created in cooperation with Czech Television’s Documentary and New Formats Creative Group. 


5. Good Will – Matěj
Tereza Reková 

A detailed insight into the life of somebody with autism. Matěj has absolute pitch, loves singing and sings during breaks at school. He also a phenomenal memory, is studying to be a care-giver and likes hanging out in cafés. He has inspired his sister to write theatre plays and poetry collections. In addition, however, he has extensive autism and traits of Asperger’s syndrome. 


6. Yusra Swims for Her Life – part one: Escape
Brit Jensen, Magdalena Sodomková 

Yusra, 18, left Syria with her sister via the so-called Balkans route. When their boat, overloaded by people smugglers, got into difficulties, she jumped in the water and swam three and a half hours to the Greek cost. Indeed, her sister also managed it and both Syrian girls saved their lives. 


7. Ilhem Is Looking for Love for Ever
Ivan Studený 

A story narrated by a newly married couple teeters on the border between naivety and faith. It is the proud dream of an Arab girl, who as a young child discovered masculine rigidity and disrespect for all women. It is Arab unconditional love and sacrifice that have charmed a Czech man who has frequently stumbled. It is a struggle of binding traditions and liberating faith in divine sovereignty, a struggle between people from disparate cultures but also inside a single person. 


8. Crossing the Limits
Tereza Reková 

She didn’t want to discuss the refugee crisis. She didn’t want to come into bloody conflict with her nearest and dearest. She didn’t know what to think about the subject. She spent so long avoiding articles on the internet that she decided to visit the Bapska–Berkasovo border crossing and learn the truth at close hand. 


Jury members
Štěpán Kubalík
Andrea Slováková
Benoît Bories
Agnieszka Czyzewska-Jacquemet
Alena Blažejovská 

Nové články v rubrice

  • Report

    A report on current events – an authentic eyewitness account of an important event which relies on description, narration, interview and documentary audio techniques to inform about and interpret the event.

  • Drama

    An original radio drama, adaptation or dramatisation made in the Czech Republic, with a maximum duration of 60 minutes, broadcast by a Czech broadcasting entity between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016.



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