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FOTOREPORT: Fortress of Knowledge comes to life with Radio Junior

Late morning with Rádio Junior - Foto: Jiří Šeda

Late morning with Rádio JuniorFoto: Jiří Šeda

A Morning with Radio Junior, this was the name of an event that took place this past Wednesday from 10 am until 12 pm at the Laudon Hall of the Fortress of Knowledge as part of the radio festival Prix Bohemia Radio, which is currently taking place in Olomouc. The morning was led by Šárka Fenyková and Jana Rychterová.

Jana Rychterová, moderator of the morning and afternoon broadcast of Radio Junior as well as a singer, first warmed up with the children with some exercises and several movement songs. 

Late morning with Rádio Junior - Foto: Jiří Šeda

The children were overjoyed, and when it was Šárka Fenyková’s turn to talk about how a radio fairy tale is made, they listened attentively. Thus they learned many new things, for example who a dramaturge is and what they do, how a finished script travels to the director, and that the appearance of characters in a radio fairy tale are entirely up to their imagination. 

Late morning with Rádio Junior - Foto: Jiří Šeda

Then the children practised recognising sounds and noises and four lucky souls even got to try out making the sounds of a moving horse-drawn carriage using a coffee grinder, a chain, coconut shells and beads. 

Late morning with Rádio Junior - Foto: Jiří Šeda

The kids especially, but also the teachers and moderators, very much enjoyed the whole morning. At the end of the event the children could get a photo with the moderators’ signature and a key chain with Radio Junior mascot Ušoun Rušoun. 

Late morning with Rádio Junior - Foto: Jiří Šeda

Thus all the children left in a good mood. Some of them even received Ušoun Rušoun ears for answering the moderators’ questions correctly during the event. 

Late morning with Rádio Junior - Foto: Jiří Šeda

Autor:  Anna Doškářová

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