Music Publishing Department

Music Publishing Department - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Music Publishing DepartmentFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

The Czech Radio Music Publishing House was established in 2001 for the purpose of copyright protection of compositions that Czech Radio had produced in the past and used for its own recordings and for the purpose of making these works available for public as notations and orchestral materials.

The publishing house specializes in publishing compositions of Czech composers and continues with the long tradition of Radiojournal. Among its important activities are making accessible works of authors of interwar and post-war generation (mainly those who had close relationship with Radiojournal), publishing and making accessible works that are part of historical collection, cooperation with young and talented composers and premiering of renowned contemporary composers. 

In relation with dramaturgic plans of Czech Radio Vltava, the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra and other orchestras, publications are printed for sale or lease, divided into three main series:

  • a main series – 20th century and contemporary music
  • a popular series – Radio-albums, Edition for music schools, jazz music (selected titles in Braille notation)
  • a historic series – practical edition, Thesaurus Antiquae Musicae critical edition

An integral part of the publishing policy are obligatory compositions published in cooperation with international competitions Concertino Praga and Prague Spring International Music Competition. 

The publishing house contributes to promotion and good reputation of Czech Radio as a traditional propagator of music culture and to fulfilling its public role. 

Czech Radio Music Publishing Department
Římská 13, 120 99 Praha 2
telephone: +420 221 553 358
e-mail: nakladatelstvi[atsign] 


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