Báchorek Milan (born 1939)

Milan Báchorek - Foto:  archiv autora

Milan BáchorekFoto:  archiv autora

A composer, choir conductor, pedagogue and music life organizer whose operational range goes well beyond the Ostrava region. He worked as a teacher in the town of Frenštát under Radhošť and at the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, where he also assumed the position of director for more than 12 years.

As a composer he continues in the legacy of the 20th-century classics and the folklore tunes of the Beskydy foothills. Báchorek’s compositions are noted for their colourfulness, distinctive melodies, well-balanced tectonics and the characteristic lyric-epic timbre. 

In the most recent period of his career he has concentrated mainly on composing concertante music; from these works, four pieces in particular are marked for their compositional maturity, instrumental virtuosity and a singularly ample invention. These four compositions have been recorded on CD (1999) performed by the Janáček chamber orchestra and prominent soloists. 

Titles for sale:
Three Movements for Alto Saxophone and Piano 


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