Bernátek Jan (born 1950)

Jan Bernátek - Foto: archiv autora

Jan BernátekFoto: archiv autora

Jan Bernátek was born on February 11th 1950 in Prostřední Bečva in Moravian Wallachia. He graduated from the conservatory in Ostrava and from Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, where his specialisation was piano. Later he completed his study of composition at the conservatory in Prague under Ilja Hurník. He worked as a repetiteur and later as a teacher at the Music School of the City of Prague and at Jan Neruda Highschool that specialises in teaching music.

He recieved his first price for composition in the competition of the Ministry of Culture in 1980 for his Concert for piano and orchestra. Many other awards and international competitions followed. Bernátek focuses frequently on vocal pieces and he cooperates with his wife Hana Bernátková. Song cycles, many arrangements of folk song and larger vocal forms: (cantatas: Stations of the Cross, Climbing Karmel, Three Women Choirs, Christmas Cantata and oratorio New Jerusalem, which recently won a prize) came from this cooperation. Musically, the composer links up the classical composers of the 20th century. 

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New Jerusalem 


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