Douša Eduard (born 1951)

Eduard Douša - Foto: archiv autora

Eduard DoušaFoto: archiv autora

Education: composition - Academy of Music Arts Prague, theory of music - Academy of Music in Prague (postgraduate), Ph.D. 2001 on Charles University in Prague - Theory of Music and Pedagogy, docent 2006 - Theory of Music and Pedagogy.
Career: Professor of Conservatory in Prague – composition and theory of music docent at The Charles University in Prague, head of „Přítomnost“- society for contemporary music

for orchestra: Sinfonietta meditativa, Concertino per tromba, Concerto per 4 sassofoni, Melodia gioia – per orchestra da camera, Concerto per violino and strings, MfL- suita for strings
for instruments: Comeback for piano, Sonata per pianoforte (in memoriam Erwin Schulhoff), Sonata brevis per accordione, Motorico per violino solo, Fantasia romantica per violino e pianoforte, Sonata per organo, Fantasia per tromba ed organo – "Ad honorem puritatis", Sonatina per flauto e pianoforte, Rhapsody for clarinet a piano, Jazzatina per tromba, Sonata drammatica per pianoforte, Saxonatina per sassofono alto et pianoforte
chamber music: Jazz tones for 4 saxophones I., II., Uno per quattro (flauto, oboe, chitarra, violoncello), Divertimento I., II. per 2 clarinetti e fagotto, String quartet
for children and youth: Miniatures for piano, Suita postmoderna for piano, Little music for 20 fingers (piano - 4 hands), Sonatina per clarinetto e pianoforte, 3 little suites for guitar, Summer sonata for saxophone and piano, Variations on a barock theme for strings etc. 

Many compositions for Czechoslovak Radio (more than 100 sound tracks for radio fairy-tailes), so called radio mini-opera for children, songs for children etc. 

He goes on with the tradition of world and Czech music of the 20's and the 30's of the 20th century (Bartók, Britten, Hindemith, Bořkovec, Krejčí, Martinů). He considers that the most important attribute in music is understandable form and harmony and expressive melody. He often composes for concrete musicians - e.g. violonist Jaroslav Svěcený, trumpet-players Vladimír Rejlek or M.Laštovka, Panocha Quartet, Apollon Quartet, Vláda Kočí-violoncello, Eva Benešová, Tomáš Víšek - pianoforte, Bohemia Quartet etc. 

Titles for sale:
Concert Music
Pezzo concertante
Rhapsody movement
String Quartet "Lamentationes" 


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