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Dvořák Antonín (1841 - 1904)

Antonín Dvořák v roce 1895 - Foto:  Dílo a osobnost Antonína Dvořáka

Antonín Dvořák v roce 1895Foto:  Dílo a osobnost Antonína Dvořáka

The musical legacy of Antonin Dvorak is one of the bastions of European cultural heritage. During his lifetime the composer became one of Europe’s most important symphonists and writers of oratorios and chamber works. From the 1880s onwards his music was performed by leading artists in the most celebrated venues of Europe, the United States, Canada, Russia and Australia. Towards the end of his life Dvorak was frequently described as the world’s greatest living composer.


Titles for sale:
Humoresque op. 101, No. 7
Moravian duets
Prague Waltzes
Tragic Overture 


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