Dvořák Milan (born 1934)

Milan Dvořák - Foto:  archiv autora

Milan DvořákFoto:  archiv autora

You might know Petr Schulhoff’s film comedies, such as Zítra to roztočíme, drahoušku, Já už budu hodný, dědečku, Co je doma, to se počítá: Milan Dvořák composed music to all of these and many more films. Apart from that he has also written hundreds of songs and orchestral pieces, music for gatherings of the Czech gymnastic organization SOKOL as well as two volumes of Jazz Piano Etudes. As an efficient musician, he concentrates on jazz and chansons.

He started playing the piano at a music school in Prostějov and in spite of the fact that he graduated from a technical university, he has remained loyal to music ever since. He started to play professionally at orchestras of Zdeněk Barták or Zdeněk Marat, where he also began to compose and orchestrate. Since 1965 he worked in the theatre company SEMAFOR, where he was also an art leader. Cooperation with this company opened the world of popular songs and Jiří Suchý’s poetic humour to him and influenced his life. At the same time (until 1990), he worked as a pianist and art leader in an accompanying band of Hana Hegerová.  

An individual chapter is his cooperation with the radio where he made many recordings including his own orchestral cycles in Prague, Brno and Ostrava. In 1970s, he was a dramatic adviser of the Dance and Jazz Orchestra at the Czechoslovak Radio. Moreover, he had close working and friendly relationships with the conductors Josef Vobruba and Kamil Hála. In the 80s, he set up the Television Septet, which existed for more than ten years. At present, apart from composing, he cooperates closely with Eva Pilarová, Eva Kriz-Lifková and other singers.
He edits popular Radio-albums for the music publishing of the Czech Radio. 

Titles for sale:
Dialogues for Four Hands
Christmas Songs of European Nations
Jazz Minietudes for Piano
Jazz Minietudes for Piano II
Jazz Minietudes for Piano III, some other way
Jazz Minietudes for Piano IV, this time also in easier arrangements
Raise Your Hat to the Song
Raise Your Hat to the Song II


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