Flosman Oldřich (1925 - 1998)

 - Foto: archiv autora

Foto: archiv autora

Flosman was born in Pilsen on Apríl 5th 1925. He studied composition at the Prague Conservatory under Professor Karel Janeček and at Prague’s AMU under Pavel Bořkovec. Until 1951 he worked at AMU as secretary of the composition department. After that he devoted himself completely to composition, in which he achieved great success. His work was especially influenced by Prokofiev and Shostakovich; it is distinguished by its lyrical warmth, folk elements and melodic base, and its optimistic, merry or even ironic expression.

He worked closely with the Army Choir, which he later led as artistic director. Flosman wrote several operas, dance scenes and pantomimes, as well as music for radio plays and short films. Alongside many chamber pieces and orchestral dances (Vrtěná, Vrták, Waltz and others), we must also at least mention his Double Concerto for Harp and Clarinet, concertos for violin, flute, french horn, Concertino for Bassoon, Rhapsody for Violoncello and Orchestra and Symphony – Concert for Piano and Orchestra. 

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Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra 

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