Hlaváč Jiří (born 1948)

Jiří Hlaváč - Foto: Jan Sklenář

Jiří HlaváčFoto: Jan Sklenář

Jiří Hlaváč gives a years-long attention and affection to clarinet and saxophone not only by concert performances but also by his composition practice. He is the author of a solo clarinet composition Dedication to Bohuslav Martinů, melodrama Wizard’s Apprentice for a Reciter, Flute and Clarinet, Prayer for Zuzana Navarová for Voice, Clarinet and Violoncello, 10 Virtuoso Clarinet Études and Methodics of Clarinet Playing.

In his compositions, both classiccal and jazz ones, a perfect knowledge of instruments is obvious as well as a sense of expression possibilities and timbre, a distinct melodic invention and genre inventiveness. Air for Clarinet and Piano or for four Clarinets the author composed as a synthesis of Baroque form of peace and majesty and minimalistic rhytmical pulse. The author himself recommends also an alternative possibility of performing the composition with a soprano saxophone. Air is the first part of a planned Suite for Clarinet and Piano called „Ebony Kings“ in which hommage will be paid to Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Woody Herman, Vladimír Říha and Milan Kostohryz. 

Titles for sale:
Dedication for Bohuslav Martinů
Ebony Suite 


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