Kurz Ivan (born 1947)

Ivan Kurz - Foto:  archiv autora

Ivan KurzFoto:  archiv autora

One of the most notable representatives of the middle Czech generation of composers and professor of composition at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague Ivan Kurz (1947) is the author of many chamber and vocal compositions as well as electro-acoustic pieces, copiously devoted himself to film, television and scenic music.

The list of his works is predominated by vocal-symphonic pieces and orchestral scores. His Symphonic picture – Living spirit finished in 2005, is so far the last in a loose series of symphonic pictures, which Kurz wrote between 1977 and 2005 (Inclined plane, Emergence, Parable, The Gospel’s folly, I come to thee, Garden of life and Lively spirit). 

Titles for sale:
Angelic Landscapes for barytone and grand orchestra
Gendarmerie Humoresques, suite for orchestra
Christmas Songs and Carols
I Can Hear the Angels Sing
Living Spirit 


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