Richter Miloslav (born 1955)

Miloslav Richter - Foto: archiv autora

Miloslav RichterFoto: archiv autora

In 1978 he finished his clarinet studies at the Prague Conservatory. In 1982 he became a member of the Czechoslovak and later Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra where he remained until the year 2005. At the present, he works in a specialised music library of the Prague Conservatory as an assistant manager. He applies himself vigorously to editing early music sources, and has transcribed a number of historical scores and prepared them to be recorded in the Czech Radio.

These include chamber music (e.g. Mathieu Bevilacqua, V. Vrátný, F. X. Mozart), orchestral works (Josef Mysliveček, Domenico Cimarosa, F. Bernardini), and concert arias (G. Sarti, F. Bianchi). His numerous realizations of early music, arrangements for wind instruments ensembles, and instructive compositions have been published both home and abroad (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the USA). 

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Concerto in Es 


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