Šesták Zdeněk (born 1925)

Zdeněk Šesták - Foto:  archiv autora

Zdeněk ŠestákFoto:  archiv autora

Zdeněk Šesták was born on 10th December 1925 in the town of Cítoliby near Louny. During his grammar school years he studied music in Louny and, at the same time, he held the position of the second organist at St. Jacob Church in Cítoliby. After the war he studied composition at the Prague Conservatory, where he was taught by Emil Hlobil and Miroslav Krejčí. He also studied musicology at the Philosophical Faculty, Charles University in Prague, under Josef Hutter and Jan Němeček; he became a Doctor of Philosophy (PhDr.) in 1991.

With the exception of a few short-term engagements Zdeněk Šesták has always been a full-time professional composer, and, besides that, his scientific interest in the works of the 18-century composers that lived and worked in his hometown has not waned. Thanks to the results of Zdeněk Šesták’s musicological research, Cítoliby has become a well-known term not only for the Czech but also for the international culture-loving public. He became an honorary citizen of Louny in 2004. Zdeněk Šesták has composed many pieces that differ both in form and setting – string quartets and quintets, symphonic works, instrumental concertos, vocal compositions (from songs to oratorios), opuses for wind instruments and music for children. 

Titles for sale:
Concerto for violoncello and orchestra No. 2 "The Way of Knowledge"
Musica bizzarra per fagotto e pianoforte
Symphony No. 4 for String Orchestra
Three Pieces for Clarinet and Piano 

Missa solemnis in D sharp - Karel Blažej Kopřiva (edited by Zdeněk Šesták)
Sinfonia ex Dis - Jan Adam Gallina (edited by Zdeněk Šesták) 

Titles for hire - see Sheet music for hire (*.pdf) 


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