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Spurný Vojtěch (born 1964) - editor

Vojtěch Spurný - Foto: archiv autora

Vojtěch SpurnýFoto: archiv autora

He studied flute and conducting at the Prague Conservatory, finishing it in 1989. Afterwards, he entered the Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts where he graduated in 1995 in the field of conducting, harpsichord, and opera direction. He attended Hoogeschool de Kunste in Utrecht, The Netherlands, where he studied harpsichord and early music interpretation. He also took part in various master courses led by Helmut Rilling, Johann Sonnleitner or Kenneth Gilbert. Following his studies he started working as a conductor and director.

He aroused deserved public notice on the occasion of a performance of the Bartered Bride at the National Theatre he conducted on short notice, standing in for Bohumil Gregor. He also won recognition for preparing and conducting performances of several vocal-instrumental works, mainly of early music. For example the performance of Scarlatti’s oratorio Agar for the Old Testament Festival in Prague, or of Rossini’s operas The Journey to Reims and The Barber of Sevilla in Göteborg met with considerable success. In 2000 Spurný led the Czech premiere of Peri’s oldest preserved opera Euridice from 1600 at the Smetana’s Litomyšl Festival. The inscenation of Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas at the Pilsen theatre was awarded the Best Production prize in 1998. In the years 1999 – 2004 he was employed as a permanent conductor at the Prague State Opera.  

Since 1999 he has also been cooperating with the Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, whose chief conductor he has been since 2004. He is the art director of Musica Salutaris, an ensemble of Baroque instruments. As for his work for the Czech Radio,Spurný participated as a specialized editor in the preparations for the critical edition of Tomášek’s second piano concerto, opus 20, and has been continuously working on the recording of a complete annual volume of Telemann’s cantatas. He is a concert harpsichordist, pianist, and quarter-tone piano player.  

Titles for sale:
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra E flat major, op. 20 - Václav Jan Tomášek
Concerto per il clavicembalo, due corni, due violini, viola e basso in D - František Xaver Dušek
Concerto per il clavicembalo, due violini, viola e basso in C - František Xaver Dušek
Concerto per il clavicembalo, due corni, due violini, viola e basso in Es - František Xaver Dušek
Czech Christmas Mass - Jakub Jan Ryba
Stabat mater - Jakub Jan Ryba 



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