Teml Jiří (born 1935)

Jiří Teml - Foto: Zdeněk Vejvoda

Jiří TemlFoto: Zdeněk Vejvoda

He was initially an economist. From 1964 to 1974 he took lessons of composition from Jiří Jaroch. From 1979 to 1980 he worked at Czech Radio in Plzeň and from 1980 he worked as a musical dramaturge at Czech Radio in Prague. Since the 70's he has focused on New music (Three bagatelles for violin, oboe, clarinet and piano - 1977) after a period of more traditional composition.

He transforms the components of folk music to artificial music (Three promenades for orchestra - 1983, Second symphony "The War with Newts" - 1987). Jubilee variations, The Third symphony "Kafka" 1998, Concert for violin and orchestra, symphonic movement for string and percussion instruments "Epitaph" and Concert for organ, drums, strings and percussion are some of his most important pieces. 

Titles for sale:
Concerto grosso No. 3
Concerto № 1 for Organ, Trumpets, Strings and Percussion
Concerto per clavicembalo ed orchestra da camera
Concerto rustico per salterio ed archi
Solo for Double-bass
String Quartet No. 5
Symphony No. 3 "Kafka" 

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