Vacek Miloš (1928 - 2012)

Miloš Vacek - Foto: archiv autora

Miloš VacekFoto: archiv autora

Born to the family of an oboist, composer, and pedagogue Jindřich Vacek, Miloš Vacek attended the Prague Conservatory in 1943 – 47, studying organ with Jan Bedřich Krajs, Gregorian chant and theoretical subjects with Vladimír Němec, Metod Doležil, Zdeněk Hůla, and Emil Hlobil, and conducting with Pavel Dědeček. Afterwards, he entered the Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts to study composition under František Pícha and Jaroslav Řídký. He graduated in 1951, and in the same year he took up the position of choirmaster and conductor of the Vít Nejedlý Army Art Ensemble.

For some time he held high functions within the Union of Czech Composers and Concert Artists. Since 1954 he has been a freelance composer. He is the author of folk songs arrangements, compositions for entertainment orchestras and wood-wind ensembles, cantatas, choral pieces, and community songs. He has composed music for seven national Spartakiads (mass gymnastic festivals), a number of scores of music for film, television, and theatre. Among others, he wrote the signature tune of the Peace Race Prague – Berlin – Warsaw and theme music for the Czechoslovak Film Weekly. Many of his works belong to the so called “higher pop-music”. Apart from that, he had also composed operas, ballets, and musicals, and since the 1970s he had focused on composing various forms of concert music. His compositions have been awarded in a number of composers competitions. 

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Capriccio for Bassoon 

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