Viklický Emil (born 1948)

Emil Viklický - Foto: Tomáš Krist

Emil ViklickýFoto: Tomáš Krist

Emil Viklický, a pianist, composer, arranger and organizer of the jazz scene was born in Olomouc into the family of fine artists. His father was assistant of painter Jan Zrzavý. Viklický studied mathematics at the Faculty of natural sciences of Palacký University in Olomouc.

His searching, which has been characteristic for his work from the beginning, is reflected among others in his inspiration by compositional approaches typical for artificial music and partly for its stream called New music. Viklický also developed his skills in courses and consultations of composers Václav Kučera and George Crumb, would try his fortune in this field as well. The author’s tendency to compose artificial music has become stronger over time, so that, at present, his production in this field is more numerous than in the field of jazz music. Viklický’s musical speech reveals his acquaintance with the traditions of the 20th century music and his well-developed sense for sound colours. 

Titles for sale:
Clarinet Concerto D major
Dark and Vibrant
Double Concerto for Harp, Violin and String Orchestra
Green Satin
Images for Orchestra
Piano Concerto E Major
The Mystery of Man

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