Zahradník Zdeněk (born 1936)

Zdeněk Zahradník - Foto: archiv autora

Zdeněk ZahradníkFoto: archiv autora

Zdeněk Zahradník, born on 3rd June 1936 in Lomnice nad Popelkou. After completing the grammar school in Semily, he took a degree in composition at the music faculty of the Music Academy in Prague in 1958.

In the following years he worked as a teacher at the State Conservatory in Prague and after 1966 he became a music director and then a dramaturge of the record editorial office at the publishing house Supraphon. There he participated in realization of many symphonic and opera music recordings, many of which received the highest world awards. 

Titles for sale:
Hommage a Gustav Mahler 

Titles for hire - see Sheet music for hire (*.pdf) 


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