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Concertino per tromba ed orchestra - Václav Trojan / piano score

Concertino per tromba ed orchestra - Václav Trojan / klavírní výtah - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Concertino per tromba ed orchestra - Václav Trojan / klavírní výtahFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Václav Trojan's music ranks between Bohuslav Martinů‘s folklore work and Iša Krejčí’s neoclassicist work. He is often seen as a traditionalist. His stylistic preferences certainly originated from the fact that he wanted his music to be used more widely and, as a result, scenic and film music prevailed. He was actually one of the first Czech composers who started to work on films and cooperated with the radio. Moreover, he was an expert on different instruments and precise instrumentator. His strenghts were appreciated even by supporters of avantgarde.

On February 23, 1977 he finished Concertino per tromba ed orchestra commissioned by Prague Spring international music festival, which became an obligatory composition in the following year’s competition. Fanfare character of the first movement contrasts with lyrical and songlike character of the second movement and playfull and technically most difficult third movement. At the very end the introductory fanfare theme comes back as an echo, which forms a logical conclusion of the composition. “Neoclassicist Concertino is a perfect example of Trojan’s advanced skills: it is luminous and dainty, however, only excellent trumpeters can meet the technical demands for virtuosos.” (Jan Vičar: Václav Trojan, Panton, 1989) 

The composition was premiered on May 15, 1978 at a concert of Prague Spring competition winners. The composition was performed by Vladimír Rejlek with the accompaniment of Prague Symphonic Orchestra FOK conducted by Josef Hrnčíř. Piano reduction seems to be made by the author simultaneously with the orchestra version. 

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instrumentationtrb solo, pfte
descriptionpiano score, solo part
publ.NoR 334
price190 CZK

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