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Concerto № 1 for Organ, Trumpets, Strings and Percussion - Jiří Teml

Koncert č. 1 pro varhany, tři trubky, smyčce a bicí nástroje - Jiří Teml - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Koncert č. 1 pro varhany, tři trubky, smyčce a bicí nástroje - Jiří TemlFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

I wrote my first organ concerto in 1985. It was a commission for the Instrumental Radio in Bratislava (Bratislavský rozhlas pro nástroj), established for a new radio studio then. There the concerto was also recorded, featuring a Slovak organist Imrich Szabó and the Symphonic Orchestra of Czechoslovak Radio in Bratislava with Ondrej Lenárd as a conductor.

The concerto was performed once again with Imrich Szabó at the Week of a New Composition (Týden nové tvorby) in Prague in 1987 and in Teplice in 1988 and with Zuzana Němečková in 1990 in Zlín (then Gottwaldov). 

About 25 years later I decided to make some minor abridgements in the composition and I did some changes in instrumentation. As far as the form is concerned, there is an obvious internal segmentation in this one movement composition. The first part is a fantasy dialogue between the organ and an orchestra. The second part brings meditative calming, aiming at timbre. Virtuoso allegro of the third part develops in a firmly defined metre and heads for the final chorale. 

In the composition, I intentionally used melodic and rhytmic impulses from folklore. 

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Parts only for hire at nakladatelstvi@rozhlas.cz 

instrumentation3trb, timp, batt, org, archi
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