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Concerto for violoncello and orchestra No. 2 "The Way of Knowledge" - Zdeněk Šesták

Zdeněk Šesták - Concerto for violoncello and orchestra No. 2 "The Way of Knowledge" - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Zdeněk Šesták - Concerto for violoncello and orchestra No. 2 "The Way of Knowledge"Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Zdeněk Šesták has composed many pieces that differ both in form and setting - string quartets and quintets, symphonic works, instrumental concertos, vocal compositions (from songs to oratorios), opuses for wind instruments and music for children. The first edition of his Concerto for violoncello and orchestra "The Way of Knowledge" was commented on by the author in the following way: "Apart from my work as a composer I also engage in studying old music, trying to uncover and process its still relevant - though often wrongfully forgotten - values...

In doing it, I am not concerned with music only, but also with the broader context that lies, so to speak, behind the creation of a work of art. It is a never-ending and complicated process during which one is faced with many mistakes and much disappointment, but there are also moments of sheer joy over the acquired findings. It is an incessant struggle to try and grasp or at least to approach the Kantian - Ding an sich - in full awareness of human imperfection. The way to the understanding of a matter in its historical context is never a straight and simple one; much trouble has to be overcome and much dialectic effort has to be made in order to reach such a goal. Moreover, to come to know absolutely everything about the heart of any matter or process is impossible, whether it is a natural or a social phenomenon, not to speak about the realm of the human soul. The journey as such, though often hard to follow, is, nevertheless, worth setting on." 

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instrumentationvcl solo, 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2fg, 2cor, 2trb, timp, cel, arp, archi
publ.NoR 139
price385,- CZK

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