7. března  2003  rubrika: Title - Classical

Concerto Grosso No. 3 - Jiří Teml

Jiří Teml - Concerto grosso č. 3 - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Jiří Teml - Concerto grosso č. 3Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Concerto grosso for flute, basoon and strings was written for chamber orchestra Berg. The new saison ANNO 2003 was opened by this composition in February.

The composition is a contribution to a repertoire of woodwind instruments with a new modification of the popular baroc form. 

Other compositions by Jiří Teml published in Czech Radio:
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instrumentationfl, fg, archi
publ.No.R 037
distribution price210 CZK

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