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Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Symphony Orchestra - Zdeněk Lukáš

Zdeněk Lukáš - Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Symphony Orchestra - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Zdeněk Lukáš - Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Symphony OrchestraFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Zdeněk Lukáš (born 1928 in Prague) is one of the most productive contemporary Czech composers. His existing work is extensive, diverse in genre, and of great artistic value. For many years, Lukáš's career had been closely connected with the Czech Radio, for he had worked as a music editor for the Pilsen office. In Pilsen, Lukáš founded Česká píseň [Czech Song], a mixed choir with which he had worked as choirmaster for many years, writing or adapting most of the choir's repertoire. Lukáš has based most of his music on folklore: he has adapted a number of folk songs and dances. The intimate knowledge of the melodics, rhythmics and structure of Czech folklore has become a dominant feature of his own musical expression. Lukáš's own compositions were also greatly influenced by the work of Miloslav Kabeláč (1908-1979), who gave Lukáš, already a mature and experienced composer at the time, consultations for nearly 10 years.

Thanks to these consultations, Lukáš added modern composition methods to his technique, including such genres as concrete or electronic music. Lukáš has exploited all of the knowledge and experience thus gained in his works. His musical expression is based on the respect toward the traditional foundations of European musical thinking, especially the emphasis on melody. Rich and distinctive melodics is one of the greatest assets of Lukáš's music. It is based on modal principles, either using the traditional modal structure or new, specific, self-created structure. Lukáš's long experience with folk music is demonstrated by the use of certain typical elements and techniques derived from this genre (the principle of heterophony, the technique of ostinatos and pauses, etc.). In the extended modal field, Lukáš often prefers non-diatonic modes (doubtless influenced by Kabeláč and his "artificial tone generation"), including frequent octotonics and other unconventional modal sequences. In this field, the composer's unusual melodic imagination has found ever new and distinctive means of expression. 

The principles of Lukáš's music are well demonstrated in his Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Symphonic Orchestra op. 224. The work was inspired in 1987 by Josef Vlach (1923-1988), first violinist of the Vlach Quartet, who asked the composer to write a piece for his daughter, violinist Jana Vlachová, and her husband, cellist Michael Ericsson. This resulted first in Duetto op. 207 for violin and cello, and finally in the Double Concerto op. 224 in 1989. The composition consists of two well formed and distinctly contrasting movements. The aforementioned dominant role of melody is well apparent throughout the piece. The first, slow movement develops several apparently inconspicuous, minimalist melodic motifs with great melodic imagination, using various composition techniques (especially the method of shortening and lengthening intervals). Together with the metrics and rhythm, they give the stream of music excellent dynamics and gradation. The second, faster movement is composed in a manifestly "traditional", three-part da capo form, with a long coda, using especially the 8-tone mode, based on the regular alternation of the major and minor second. A typical melodic element is a 4-tone sequence of this mode, used in manifold variants and transformation, with the melodic quality and eloquence of the basic motif manifested especially in the slower middle section of the movement (Largo). The structure of the Concerto is very attractive since it allows exploiting the utmost technical and expressional possibilities offered by both solo instruments. 

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instrumentationvno solo, vcl solo, fl picc, 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2fg, 4cor, 2trb, 3tbn, tb, timp, 5tamb, archi
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