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Four caricatures and one extra - Václav Trojan

Václav Trojan - Four caricatures and one extra - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Václav Trojan - Four caricatures and one extraFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Václav Trojan (1907-1983) created the first version of this musically fresh work at the turn of 1972 - 73 for wind orchestra with piano and percussion. A year later, Trojan modified the composition for the standard make-up of a chamber orchestra with the Pardubice State Chamber Orchestra in mind.

In Four caricatures and one extra Trojan used part of his music for the famous fairytale film "Once upon a time there was a king" (on the theme of the fairytale Salt over Gold with J. Werich in one of the leading roles) for the 2nd and 5th movements. This concerns the part known as "Music for pork feasting", which also accompanies an absurd scene in the film of the "first unsalted pork feasting in history" and then the closing part "At Trojan's citadel", the name of which is an obvious allusion to Trojan's home in Prague - Na baště sv. Tomáše (St. Thomas's Citadel Street). The other movements in the suite are newly composed - on the contrary, Trojan later used the music for the 4th movement ("Masquerades") in his ballet pantomime - A Midsummer Night's Dream (1982), from which a concert suite was again created post facto. 

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instrumentation2fl - II muta fl picc, ob, cor ingl, cl in B, cl in Es, 2fg, 2cor, 2trb, 2tbn, tb, euf, timp, batt, pfte, cb
publ.NoR 104
price250,- CZK

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