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Harpsycho - Petr Wajsar

Harpsycho - Petr Wajsar - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Harpsycho - Petr WajsarFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

This composition has been written for 69th Praque Spring International Music Competition 2017.

Author's foreword to an interpreter of Harpsycho: "Beat. Cut. Break. Feel no respect for the notation and first feel with your lowest instinct everything that you see in the notation. Only then play. Throw the notation under a table and adjust parts that are uncomfortable to play. Music is mostly about shape. Sculpt. Fight. Exaggerate. Play fast parts as fast as you can and fierce parts as fiercely as you can. Fight again and again. Curse the author. Curse the music. Defend yourself. Do not break the instrument but you can merely get to this point. Go mad completely. With the last stroke go back to the role of a serious instrumentalist quickly." Petr Wajsar 

Other compositions by Petr Wajsar published in Czech Radio:
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instrumentationcemb solo
publ.NoR 369
price120,- CZK

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