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Lorelei for Violin Solo, Chamber String Orchestra and Piano - Robert Hejnar

Lorelei - Robert Hejnar - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Lorelei - Robert HejnarFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

The composition Lorelei for Solo Violin, Chamber String Orchestra and Piano is freely inspired by the poem with the same name by Henrich Heine – “a German Mácha’s Máj”.

It tells a story of a water nymph who lured careless shipmen into doom by her irresistible singing and its breath-taking echo. According to this legend, the story takes place in dangerous rapids near a rock cliff Lorelei (also Loreley, Lore-Ley, Lurelei, Lurlei) on the Rhine banks not far from Hamburg. The basic attributes of the ballad – the nymph’s elegy, the echo, the rapids, the tragic and fatality - are preserved in the composition. 

The composition is dedicated to the memory of Emílie Chudovská, my colleague from the Evangelical Academy Conservatory in Olomouc. Therefore it is possible to hear reminiscences of motif fragments (the fifth) of a violin concerto “In the memory of an angel” by Alban Berg in Lorelei. 

Parts only for hire at nakladatelstvi@rozhlas.cz 

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instrumentationvno solo, pfte, vni I, vni II, vle, vcl, cb
publ.NoR 376
price210,- CZK

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