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Musica bizzarra per fagotto e pianoforte - Zdeněk Šesták

Musica bizzarra per fagotto e pianoforte - Zdeněk Šesták - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Musica bizzarra per fagotto e pianoforte - Zdeněk ŠestákFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Zdeněk Šesták has composed many pieces that differ both in form and setting – string quartets and quintets, symphonic works, instrumental concertos, vocal compositions (from songs to oratorios), opuses for wind instruments and music for children.

I have composed many compositions for woodwind instruments, both solo and with piano accompaniment. I composed Five Virtuoso Inventions for a solo bassoon in 1966. It has often been listed in various interpretation competitions, including the Prague Spring competition, as a demanding solo composition. 

In its title, I purposely used the Italian adjective, used in Czech as well “bizarre”– Musica Bizzarra for Bassoon and Piano. From the semantic point of view, this word is an expression and sign for something strange, unusual, sophisticated and original or an unexpected mischievous act etc. I wish the future interpreters kept this in their mind.” 

Other compositions by Zdeněk Šesták published in Czech Radio:
Concerto for violoncello and orchestra No. 2 "The Way of Knowledge"
Symphony No. 4 for String Orchestra
Three Pieces for Clarinet and Piano 

Missa solemnis in D sharp - Karel Blažej Kopřiva (edited by Zdeněk Šesták)
Sinfonia ex Dis - Jan Adam Gallina (edited by Zdeněk Šesták) 

instrumentationfg, pfte
descriptionscore, part
publ.NoR 403
price230,- CZK

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