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Prima Sonata - Jan Novák

Jan Novák - Prima sonata - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Jan Novák - Prima sonataFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Prima Sonata, a work belonging among Jan Novák's latest compositions, is dedicated to his wife, the pianist Eliška Nováková. There is a curious parallel between this piece and Bohuslav Martinů's First Sonata for piano that also was not followed by any other composition of such form for solo piano. Shaped in a conventional style, the three-movement Prima Sonata is a highly idiomatic and unique work of art, just as much as all the other piano composition by Jan Novák; though based on an identical musical language - identical to some extent, at least - they remain very different from one another and mutually incomparable.

Speaking from the point of view of an enthusiastic performer of the piano sonata, I admire the way the composer managed to unite the heavenly with the mundane within the composition; to speak of the spring buoyancy, the upheavals and blunders of human life as well as of the bright light of ethereal, eternal glory. All this is permeated with the author's well-balanced attitude towards life and its ephemerality; an attitude stemming from Novák's Christianity and his classical education. The pianist can partake in the maturity of this composition, and share with the composer the divine source of music. Dora Novak-Wilmington 

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