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Quartett in D - Iša Krejčí

Iša Krejčí - Qartett in D - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Iša Krejčí - Qartett in DFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

The 1st string quartet in D major, commenced in the 24th year of the author's life, constitutes a real "battlefield" together with the first two sonatas. It is dedicated to his father's seventieth birthday and in the handwriting, it is possible to find many passionate strokes as well as the author's seeking for his new, somewhat more serious, musical language.

Individual movements were created throughout different years and they were only gradually being connected or inserted into the original two-movement version: Molto vivace - Passacaglia and a chorale variation. The release by Czech Radio publishing department represents an inside view into Krejčí's workshop offering before excluded variations n. 5 - 9 after the final Presto movement. The author himself cast aside those variations to shorten the original variation movement so that in front of it he could insert a short contrasting Scherzo, originally written in 1929. 

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instrumentationvnoI, vnoII, vla, vcl
descriptionscore, parts
publ.No.R 042
price225 CZK

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