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Sonata per trombone e pianoforte, Op. 58 - František Domažlický

Sonata per trombone e pianoforte - František Domažlický - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Sonata per trombone e pianoforte - František DomažlickýFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Compositions of František Domažlický, a Prague native, composer and violist, include among several song cycles mostly genres of instrumental music.

As a string instrument player, Domažlický was attracted to composing for strings, however, thanks to impulses from interpreters, he devoted to brass instruments to the same extend. In 1964, he wrote Concerto for trombone and orchestra, op. 35. He composed more compositions for brass instruments mostly in 1980s.  

He got back to trombone as a solo instrument in 1985 when, based on impulse by Miloslav Hejda, a trombonist in Czech Philharmonics, he wrote Sonata per trombone e pianoforte, op. 58. Four years later, he wrote Sonata for bass trombone and piano, op. 67, commissioned by bass trombonist Jiří Sušický.  

Sonata per trombone e pianoforte, op. 58 has a distinctive melody structure that respects the register of the tenor trombone. In his four-movement, clearly structured composition (Allegro fiero – Vivace – Andante molto cantabile – Guerriero), he uses all traditional articulating and dynamic possibilities of the instrument.  

The sonata was premiered by trombonist Jaroslav Tachovský. Together with pianist Petr Adamec, they recorded it for Czech Radio in 1993. The composition was on repertoire of American trombonist William F. Cramer. Cramer was exchanging letters with Domažlický and referred to the author about his performances. In 1989, Sonata was a compulsory composition of an interpretation competition in Kraslice. 

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