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Sound-Telescope for Oboe solo - Martin Hybler

Sound-Telescope - Martin Hybler - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Sound-Telescope - Martin HyblerFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Besides classic contemporary compositions, Martin Hybler also devotes himself to scenic music and arrangments of compositions of old masters as well as popular music and jazz.

As a performer, he stands out as a nimble piano accompanist and improvisor. He is also conductor of crossover projects that connect the world of a classic symphonic orchestra with popular and jazz music.  

In Martin Hybler’s oeuvre, the compositions for wind instruments are essential. Let us name at least a virtuoso composition for a solo bassoon Curatio Hypochondrii, a Bassoon Concerto Outsider Bohemian or Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra – Oh love, you are so fleeting.  

The composition Sound-Telescope for Oboe solo is a work that - alongside with a classic standard performance - searches for new sound possibilities of the oboe (a graphic score at the end of the composition) and includes a scenic action as well. The oboe represents a kind of a “sound telescope“ through which a player explores the world around him and imaginatively steps beyond the walls of the concert hall with his sound and discovers the sounds in the space-time of the landscape and the infinity of the universe. 

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