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Suite concertante - Jan Kučera

Jan Kučera - Suite concertante - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Jan Kučera - Suite concertanteFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Suite concertante by Jan Kučera (*1977) was composed for the Epoque Quartet and Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2006-2007. The work is conceived as a concerto grosso with striking solo episodes. "I tried however to also present the string quartet as a compact unit and to confront it by means of sharp patterns with the orchestra, which does not only play an accompanying role...", says the composer about his work.

The first of five parts entails stylised blues, growing from a twelve-bar harmonic scheme; the second part (Istanbuliana) brings with it oriental melodies together with a certain level of sentiment. The third movement, which is performed by the string quartet alone, is entitled Intermezzo melancolico; in this, the nine-bar monothematic melody gradually makes its way through all four instruments. The Lamentoso is constructed from an arched phase of the solo violoncello and in the fast, temperamental and rhythmically varied final movement, the quartet and the orchestral parts are markedly separated from one another. The closing movement should - in accordance with its name of Steeplechase - evoke the idea of a helter-skelter racing movement. 

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instrumentation2fl - I muta fl picc, 2ob, 2cl, 2fg, 2cor, timp, vibf, batt; vnoI, vnoII, vla, vcl - soli; archi
publ.NoR 120
price280,- CZK

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