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Suitie - Libor Dřevikovský

Libor Dřevikovský - Suitie - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Libor Dřevikovský - SuitieFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Compositional focus of Libor Dřevikovský is directed mainly towards chamber music often touching the brass (Mozartimento for three basset-horns, Brass Octet "Harmoniemusik", "Suitie" for alto saxophone and piano, "Strange Cembalo" - a suite for piano and other pieces), sometimes also the symphonic production (Concerto-Divertimento no. 1 F Major and no. 2 Es Major for piano and orchestra).

"Suitie for alto saxophone and piano (1997) has been written for Sax&Piano Duo (Roman Vojtíšek a Laura Vlková). The piece was created as an expression of pure joy of music - making under the impression of unconventional connection of the two instruments, saxophone and piano. Alas, the sound of those two playing together is just so fresh, so new though they both have passed through many winters." 

Other compositions by Libor Dřevikovský published in Czech Radio:
Peculiar clavecin 


instrumentationAsax, pfte
descriptionscore, part
publ.NoR 102
price115,- CZK

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