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Symphony in C - Ilja Hurník

Ilja Hurník - Symphony in C - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Ilja Hurník - Symphony in CFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

The composition has traditional form and the diction of the author showes Silesian ebulliency. Symphony in C was written by an already formed and very experienced composer Ilja Hurník (1922 - 2013). The piece exploits an ambition to take a very short orchestral piece intended for adepts of Prague Spring conductor competition and to recreate it into large musical planes.

The work has a clear conventional form. It does not intend to discover new possibilities; rather it tries to look back at things. The first movement really is a conductor trial having quite a complicated rhythmical setting. The second movement, a soothing lullaby, introduces an instrumentation of nostalgically French play of colours to pave the way for the finale that really lets the kettle-drums pound and the brasses cheer. 

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instrumentationfl picc, 3fl, 3ob, cor ingl, 3cl, cl b, 3fg, 4cor, 2trb, 3tbn, timp, tamb picc, ptti, camp, archi
publ.No.R 012
distribution price195 CZK

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