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Winter - Václav Trojan

Winter - Václav Trojan - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Winter - Václav TrojanFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

The folk song played a very important role throughout the whole life and compositional work of Václav Trojan (1907 – 1983). Melodic inventiveness was the basis of Trojan’s musical thinking – and his concise musical ideas are completely and firmly rooted in Czech folklore.

Through these, Trojan managed to excellently capture the drama and mood of the situation in his film and scenic music (he is especially famous for his music to the animated films of Jiří Trnka). His concert work remained somewhat in the shadow of the international success of his music for film – besides, many ofTrojan’s concert compositions were created by additional modification of what was originally music for film, most frequently in the form of suites with several movements. 

Other compositions by Václav Trojan published in Czech Radio:
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Concertino per tromba ed orchestra / piano score
Four caricatures and one extra
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The Prelude for Organ 

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instrumentationfl grande I, fl grande II anche fl picc, fl III anche fl picc, 2ob, cori, 2cl in B, cl in Es, bcl, fg I, fg II anche cfg, 4cor, 3trb, 3tbn, tb, tb anche bombardon, timp, perc, arp, mand, pno, corm, cimb, coro, archi
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price420 CZK

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