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Stabat mater - Jakub Jan Ryba (ed. Vojtěch Spurný)

Stabat mater - Jakub Jan Ryba - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Stabat mater - Jakub Jan RybaFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Jakub Šimon Jan Ryba, without any doubts, belongs to the most famous Czech cantors and at the same time he is seen (rather unjustly) almost always as an author of a single piece, although commonly known and popular - Czech Christmas Mass.

Stabat Mater for four soloists, choir and orchestra is Ryba’s most ambitious cantata work. It was composed in 1805. It was a fairly difficult year in Ryba’s life – his financial situation was precarious and the environment in Rožmitál school where he taught deteriorated to such an extend that he was forced to turn the town council with a written request for restoring order. Surrounded by these worries, he must have been pleased with a letter from his colleague František Křepelka from Pilsen who suggested that Ryba wrote a larger composition for Pilsen. This idea appealed to Ryba, among others for the reason that in this case he did not have to take into account limited possibilities of a village choir but he could compose a piece of work relevant to the importance and potential of the place where it was to be performed – Saint Bartholomeus Cathedral in Pilsen. 

This composition presents Ryba not only as an experienced and original composer but also outlines the potential of his talent including the dramatic talent that could not be made use of in provincial environment. Stylistically, the composition builds upon late classicism and in many details one can notice a romantic musical diction – in accompaniments, in solos of wind instruments and in vocal structure. 

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instrumentationfl concerto, 2ob, 2cl in Si bemolle/in Do, 2fag, clno principali in Do/Re diesis/De, 2cor in Do basso/in Sol diesis/in Mi/in Re diesis/in Si bemolle basso/in Re/in Fa/in La, timp, clavicembalo/organo e violone, archi, coro misto, SATB soli
publ.NoR 320
price650,- CZK

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