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Symphony no. 5 in G minor - Leopold Koželuh

Koželuh Leopold - Symfonie č. 5 g moll (ed. Eva Čierna - Tornová) - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Koželuh Leopold - Symfonie č. 5 g moll (ed. Eva Čierna - Tornová)Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Koželuh wrote most of his symphonies in 1780s. Stylistically, he builds on the ideal of Vienna Classicism which he accomplishes in a very original and natural way, without overcoming it.

This edition of Symphony G minor by Leopold Koželuh is based on a copy kept in a collection of music sheets of the Archbishop museum in Kroměříž under a call number IV A 200. The source comes from an original castle collection dated 1770-1819. Neither scribe, nor the exact time of transcription is known, however, the copy seems to be created under bishop Theodor Colloredo-Waldsee (1777-1811). The composition verifiably appears in an inventory from 1827-1836, which was initiated by archduke Rudolf.
The source includes altogether 70 pages of notation of parts, one main title page and six title pages for separate parts. The sheets have vertical layout. Milan Poštolka dates the origin of the Symphony G minor according to Koželuh’s correspondence, Breitkopf’s publishing catalogues and other literature before 28 March 1787. 

Symphony in G minor can be listed among his most significant works. The minor tonality distinguishes it from the others and it underlines its deeper, more serious tone. It is built from three movements. The 1st movement Allegro is written in sonata form and it is very compact which results from the work with motives and themes when the secondary theme is derived from the main theme and is being consequently evolved. The 2nd movement Adagio has three parts and the final 3rd movement Presto is again written in a sonata form. Here the main and secondary themes also come from one idea. The complexity of the whole Symphony in G minor is underlined by the similarity of themes from the 1st and the 3rd movement, especially rhythmical similarity. Professionals value this symphony, especially for its direction in which music evolved in the future. 

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instrumentationob I, II, fg I, II, cor I, II in F, vni I, vni II, vle, vlc, cb
publ.NoR 342
price350,- CZK

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