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Symphony no. 6 C major - Leopold Koželuh

Koželuh Leopold - Symfonie č. 6 C dur (ed. Eva Čierna - Tornová) - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Koželuh Leopold - Symfonie č. 6 C dur (ed. Eva Čierna - Tornová)Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Koželuh wrote most of his symphonies in 1780s. Stylistically, he builds on the ideal of Vienna Classicism which he accomplishes in a very original and natural way, without overcoming it.

This edition of Symphony in C major by Leopold Koželuh is based on two sources kept in the National Museum - the Czech Museum of Music . The original source was a Vienna print of parts from that time from the collection of Jan Pohl kept under a call number V B 205 , the source for comparison was a copy from that time kept in the Czech Museum of Music under a call number XI A 101, where Vojtěch Jírovec is stated as an author. This source was used for bassoons parts that are missing in the print. 

Symphony in C major was composed before 21 November 1787, which is the date of its first publication in Vienna. It consists of 4 movements and its character, especially of the first and the fourth movement, is joyful and happy. In the past, J. Haydn or V. Jírovec was incorrectly believed to be the author. The first movement of the symphony begins with a slower introductory part Poco Adagio that creates a festive mood. A theme using a dotted rhythm, some kind of sighs, changes with faster parts. Together with chromatic chromatickými postupy, they escalate this whole part. From the 31st measure, Allegro begins. The tempo, rhythm and mood change. The theme is simple, joyful and it appears in the first violin part over repeated tones of other bowed instruments. A minor theme in G major (measure 77) is some kind of a dialogue between the first violin and the oboe. Gradually other instruments join in. This interpretation uses only part of the minor theme and the major theme is not explored. The reprise (measure 193) is composed in a usual way. The second movement Poco Adagio is written in a sonata form with one theme in F major. The third sentence Menuet, together with Trio, goes back to the principal C major tonality. The theme of Menuet also uses the dotted rhythm frequently. In the final movement Presto con fuoco, L. Koželuh used the sonata form with two themes evoking a joyful atmosphere. This interpretation works mostly with motifs of the minor theme, whereas the major theme is shortened. 

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instrumentationfl, ob I, II, fg I, II, cor I, II in F, tr I, II in C, timp,  vni I, vni II, vle, vlc, cb
publ.NoR 345
price320,- CZK

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