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Antinomy - Jakub Dvořáček

Antinomy - Jakub Dvořáček - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Antinomy - Jakub DvořáčekFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

"The composition Antinomy originated as my first attempt to compose a big band score. Vinyls of Prague Big Band and Gil Evans that I discovered as a teenager in my parents’ collection of vinyls belonged to first recordings revealing the more monumental – big band face of the jazz music.

The intensity of listeners’ experience could then be compared perhaps only to Smetana’s My Country. Still, what made me compose my first big band composition was only Karel Krautgartner competition and an opportunity to write a composition for Štěpánka Balcarová and Concept Art Orchestra

I find inspiration for most of my compositions outside music. When composing for Concept Art Orchestra I used purely music ideas that seemed to be appropriate for a big band. In two contrastive parts I concentrated on work with harmonic stretches – often in countermovement – and also on creating three different atmospheric frames for soloists - tranquillo, furioso, lamento. Antinomy - an insolvable contradiction, a conflict of opposite and still well-founded attitudes. It is not about philosophy, this is our everyday life.  

It seems to me that the composition title captures the conflicting individual parts and stretches above each other. And it also captures the feeling of a composer who, craving for perfection, uses various “well-founded“ music elements in his composition, yet he desperately misses the perfect harmony of these elements in details. Then he can be saved only by interpreters capable of embracing the composition in a completely new way – in a jazz way – in details and in bridging it with the whole – interpreters such as Concept Art Orchestra. " Jakub Dvořáček 

"Are you without contradictions? Then you are without opportunities..." (Vladimír Holan) 

instrumentationSsax / Asax1, Asax2, Tsax1, Tsax2, bar, tpt1, tpt2, tbn1, tbn2, tbn3, tbn4, pno, double bass, drum set
descriptionscore, parts
publ.NoR 372
price340,- CZK

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