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Radio-album 1: Songs by Jiří Šlitr & Jiří Suchý

Radio-album 1: Songs by Jiří Šlitr & Jiří Suchý - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Radio-album 1: Songs by Jiří Šlitr & Jiří SuchýFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Marnivá sestřenice (Conceited Cousin), Pramínek vlasů (A Lock of Her Hair), Písnička pro Zuzanu (Song for Susan), Klokočí (Bladdernut) - that is just a tiny example of songs written by an inseparable twosome Šlitr - Suchý. They created most of their songs already in the beginning of the 60's but since then each one of their creations has been living its own successful life.

Czech Radio publishing department introduces a new release of some of the famous songs adapted by Dan Fiedler. Besides transcriptions for voice and piano with voice variations of E flat, B flat and C pitch you may also find there scores for solo piano. It is the first music sheet of the upcoming series called RADIO-ALBUM. The series is undoubtedly going to suit all kinds of basic art schools but it may as well be used elsewhere. The name RADIO-ALBUM is not a random choice. Our publishing department follows an old tradition originating in the First Republic of Czechoslovakia. The tradition concerns piano transcriptions of popular pieces that could be performed for common people not only on dancing stages but later also through radio transmissions. The first volume of RADIO-ALBUM was released in 1925. We now hope for the old slogan "Our volumes are indispensable for the world of dance" that used to be presented on the back cover of the old series to again play an essential role in our newly released volumes. 

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instrumentationA) pno, B) pno, solo part (in B, C, Es)
descriptionpiano score, parts
publ.NoR 047
price199,- CZK

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