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Radio-album 14: Václav Neckář’s Songs “We Plough On Side by Side”

Radio-album 14: Václav Neckář’s Songs “We Plough On Side by Side” - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Radio-album 14: Václav Neckář’s Songs “We Plough On Side by Side”Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Lékořice (Liquorice); Stín katedrál (The Shade of Cathedrals); Tu kytáru jsem koupil kvůli tobě (I Bought the Guitar Just For You); Dr. Dam di Dam; Kdo vchází do tvých snů, má lásko (Who Enters Your Dreams, My Love); Je ráno, Anno (Morning Has Come, Dear Anne) – all these and more songs feature in this album. Václav Neckář is a versatile singer whose career has spanned several decades, as is seen on the example of each of these songs.

There is a story behind all of these pieces: a story that has been turned into music. May these stories be strong enough to touch also those who will manage to learn the songs thanks to this little song-book. 

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instrumentationA) pno, B) pno, solo part (in B, C, Es)
descriptionpiano score, parts
publ.NoR 242
price260,- CZK

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