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Radio-album 3: Christmas

Radio-album 3: Christmas - Foto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Radio-album 3: ChristmasFoto: Nakladatelství ČRo

Šťastné vánoce (Marry Christmas), Skořápky ořechů (Nutshells), Sedneme si spolu (Lets Sit Down Side by Side), Zvonky (Chimes), Pojď zpívat o Vánocích (Lets Sing about Christmas), Adeste Fideles, Rolničky (Jingle Bells), Tichá noc (Silent Night). Those are all songs we hear around Christmas time when we turn on our radios, televisions or CD players. But how about trying to play those beautiful songs by ourselves at home? Where to find the music sheets?

Czech Radio publishing department introduces another Radio-Album; this time it presents Christmas songs adapted by Dan Fiedler. Besides transcriptions for voice and piano with voice variations of E flat, B flat and C pitch you may also find there scores for solo piano. 

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instrumentationA) pno, B) pno, solo part (in B, C, Es)
descriptionpiano score, parts
publ.NoR 065
price199,- CZK

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